english Dinner menu

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Speciality dishes fish and meat

Scampi – with pasta in a spicy, chilli cream sauce 19
Tuna (lukewarm) – baked in sesame seeds with wakame seaweed salad, wasabi, soy vinaigrette and sweet and sour cucumber 22,5
Fillet of salmon – freshly smoked salmon with tagliatelle, cherry tomatoes and pesto 19,5
Italian sirloin – served with rocket salad, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese 21
Saltimbocca – fillet of veal topped with Serrano ham and sage, roseval potatoes, gravy of sage 23
Chicken breast – with a crunchy crust of bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese served with a tomato sauce 17,5
Grilled tournedos – with baked mushrooms and truffle sauce 30

Speciality dishes vegetarian

Giant ravioli – filled with ricotta and spinach accompanied by a sauce made of Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley 15
Quiche of courgette, leek and Parmesan cheese – served with wild spinach and a salsa of sweet pepper and tomato 14,5
Tagliatelle – with mushrooms, pumpkin, red union an Parmesan cheese 16


Forest salad (vegetarian) – Salad with fried mushrooms, cucumber, red onions, mature cheese and tomatoes, accompanied with a honey-mustard dressing 14,5
Goat´s cheese salad (vegetarian) –  A large green salad of lukewarm goats’ complimented with walnuts, truffle syrup and a honey-mustard dressing 16,5
Sweet chili beef salad – Stir-fried sirloin medallions with a sweet chili sauce, complemented with Feta cheese and a large salad 17,5

Children’s Menu

Chicken nuggets, served with French fries, mayonnaise and apple-sauce
Minced-meat hot dog, served with French fries, mayonnaise and apple-sauce
Pasta (vegetarian), served with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese


Vanilla ice cream – with a choice of sauces 5
Crème brûlée 6,5
Chocolate mousse – with vanilla sauce and gingersnaps 8
Dark brownie – with vanilla-flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips 8
Children’s ice cream – you may take the cup with you! 5
Dessert of the day
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